Several Axis associates and staff have lived and worked for long periods in Africa. We intimately know this continent and we have a wide range friends and correspondents in spheres as diverse as the political world, civil society, the media and business. We monitor crises very closely.

For more than 10 years, we have prepared and helped to institute the opening up of the Iranian market, we have followed the emergence of Turkey and have cultivated a dense network of experts and correspondents in political spheres, civil society, the media and businesses in all countries in this region.

While certain Axis collaborators are from this region, others have worked and lived there. From Paris, our Beirut office and on the ground, we maintain a dense network of correspondents and experts.

Our Russian-speaking team has studied, lived and worked in Russia and the region for several years. It has acquired solid expertise in the region for consulting local databases, carrying out field research and deciphering actors’ interactions. Since our establishment in 2005, we have been consistently called upon by our clients for our expertise in this region, in particular for support with very demanding litigation at times linked to organised crime, but equally to supply prospective analyses or to carry out more targeted reputational investigations.

Some of our associates and staff have been active on this continent since the mid-1990s, speaking several languages and who have, over the years, built up a solid network of correspondents.

Over the years we have built up a solid network of correspondents around our staff that have lived and worked in this area, which allows us to work almost permanently both in Brazil and in Spanish-speaking areas. Our clients equally engage us to decipher the circles of power as well as to manage complex fraud cases.

Not only have clients from the US placed their trust in us, we have carried out several investigations in the United States and Canada (due diligence, fraud, litigation) and implemented public relations assignments in Washington DC.

Being our continent of origin, we have been operating in all European countries and speak almost all European languages. Though less dramatic than in emerging regions, the challenges posed to the business world in Europe are no less numerous, and we have resolved many cases of fraud, of litigation and of intellectual property protection.