Information protection

Information protection

Security audit

The complexity of information systems makes it difficult to detect increasingly sophisticated attacks. Our clients need expertise to be prepared to identify the initial signs of an attack and mitigate its effects.

Our cyber security team and our experts in human intelligence combine their skills to strengthen the protection of our clients’ information against potential interference, by carrying out the following actions:

  • Identifying physical, human and technical vulnerabilities of the business: visits, interviews, intrusion tests and search for vulnerabilities;
  • Proposing corrective measures (organisational and technical) and an action plan for comprehensive security improvements.

Training and support

Cyber security is a key element that all personnel should adapt to and integrate into their individual, collective, personal and professional behaviour to build resilience against attacks.

Our experts support organisations and individuals in improving their security level across the following areas:

  • Executive awareness;
  • Security team training;
  • Advice to information systems managers;
  • Deployment of technical security solutions.